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Multiple Myeloma is a complex and often misdiagnosed cancer of the bone marrow that affects plasma cells, which comprise the immune system and bone. We need your help to continue our work with our Free Cancer and Advocacy Programs.

We welcome your participation in planning, organizing, and helping us host our educational programs and fundraising events, or by providing monetary donations, raffle prizes, advertisements, sponsorships, and other contributions.

All that you offer will be gratefully appreciated and will make a difference for myeloma patients and families and all those affected by cancer. As our volunteer we will provide you support through our orientation and training process.

Volunteer Information Form

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Or, you can contact Barbara at AzMyelomaNetwork@cox.net or call 623-388-6837.

As one of our volunteers we will appreciate as little or as much time as you have to volunteer, and our hope is that your effort is as rewarding and beneficial to you as it is to AzMN.