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Living with Myeloma, a CareGivers Journey

It has been a busy few weeks for me as I ‘embark’ on another Journey- writing my book:’ Living with Myeloma, a Caregivers Journey®.

It has been a 28 year journey that has taken us to 5 countries and 3 States in the U.S. Over the years, my husband and I have had to find oncologists wherever we lived and were fortunate that they were willing to communicate and collaborate with top myeloma specialist at the Mayo and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. And, now many years later, they have generously offered to contribute their own knowledge and experience to my Book, ‘Living with Myeloma, a CareGivers Journey ®.

I also will include information and resources for the cancer caregivers and families, who are such an important part of the cancer team. I am learning about ‘publishing, legal and financial issues, and the need for other support to accomplish my goal. I know that in spite of the challenges, I will find a way to complete the book and make it available to the many cancer patients and caregivers, families and friends, cancer researchers, and clinicians who are ‘out there’ looking for help and hope!

I truly believe that we will get the support we need from those who care as I do and all of you ‘do’.

Living with Myeloma, a CareGivers Journey

Barbara Kavanagh

Barbara featured in March 2019 Conquer Magazine article

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